highlands golf course fire mitigation survey


Dear Highlands Golf Course HOA members,

We are reaching out to you to gauge interest in participating in a voluntary fuels reduction and fire mitigation program for our HOA.

The highlights of the program would be as follows:

  • For all participants, the HOA would coordinate a survey of each lot by a qualified forester who would mark recommended trees for removal on the basis of forest health and appropriate thinning for fire mitigation and fuel reduction. The HOA would pay for the survey work.
  • The HOA would coordinate the application to Summit County for a grant which if approved would cover approximately 50% of the cost of tree removal. Homeowners would be responsible for the remainder.
  • Homeowners would have the opportunity to make adjustments to the trees marked for removal.
  • Potentially, survey work would be done in 2022 with tree removal taking place in 2023.

The Highlands at Breckenridge POA has embarked on a similar program and will start tree removal this summer.

This survey is purely to see how much interest there is in our association for such a program. A more detailed proposal would be sent out if we receive a positive response from the HOA members.