About Us

Located in Breckenridge, Alpine Edge Property Management is a full-service property management company run by accomplished professionals with more than 20 years of real estate experience in Summit County.

One of the things we value most about living in Summit County is our extensive network of local professionals. Considering the fact that we’ve been living in Summit County for at least 20 years, you can say that we’re pretty connected. We know who to call for any type of home need, and we have the right connections in order to protect the homeowner in the best way possible. Most of all, we can leverage our network of local professionals to provide the best service and solutions for our homeowner partners.

Here at Alpine Edge Property Management, we greatly value three elements:

Customer service: Considering how unique, pristine, and unforgettable Breckenridge is, we are wholly committed to upholding the town’s highest standards by providing a memorable experience for each and every guest.

Relationships with property owners: We see property owners as our partners, all of whom we hold in the highest regard. We believe that the quality of our relationship with each property owner directly correlates with the quality of each rental and the customer service that comes with it. That is why we put tremendous effort into communicating and collaborating with each property owner to create the best experience for everybody.

Involvement in the local community: The tight-knit local community is a big part of Breckenridge’s charm. As loyal residents, we strive to serve the community as much as we can.

All in all, we are a local property management company wholly committed to serving the pristine town of Breckenridge, its property owners, and its visitors alike. Our mission is to utilize our valuable resources to care for each property in the best way possible so everyone can spend their time enjoying Breckenridge and the rest of Summit County.

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