Alpine Edge STR

As a holder of one of the limited STR BOLT licenses in Breckenridge, you have the privileged opportunity to use your home as an income generator in one of the hottest & most consistent rental markets in the nation.

But how can you be sure that you are employing this opportunity to its full potential? There are several focused critical questions that owners such as yourself should ask of your rental management company in order to gauge whether your investment is being maximized.

Property Management

How responsive is your management company?

What is your property’s online rating?

Are your daily rates constantly updating to reflect booking potential of any given day?

Are you receiving comprehensive performance reports on a regular basis?

Does your property receive ongoing maintenance from trusted local vendors?

Is your team familiar with the latest real estate trends & how they affect the rental market?

Are you able to block off reservations when you actually want to stay at your home yourself?

What hidden management fees are you being charged for?

As managers of one of the top local rental portfolios in Breckenridge, we at Alpine Edge hold our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients as our top priority. Our rental specialists receive in-depth training on a variety of programs which utilize proven algorithms to optimize occupancy & daily rates based on the local competition. We generate regular performance reports tracking the growth of these metrics.

When your revenue falls short of expectations, do you know the exact areas in which your property needs to improve?

The most important guest-facing metric is your online rating with vacation rental platforms such as AirBnB or VRBO based on reviews from your previous guests. Through a combination of responsive customer service and ongoing property care, our guests go home satisfied with their stay – and we have the reviews to prove it!

Occupancy rates of homes rated below 4.5 are seriously impacted by their negative reviews. Not a single property managed by Alpine Edge falls in that category – we boast a 4.7 overall rating, and over 20% of our properties are rated at a perfect 5-stars.

Do you know your property’s online rating?

Alpine Edge only has 2 upfront costs that we ask of our owners –

  1.                   Media

Premium rental properties deserve premium marketing content. Alpine Edge contracts a full property photography session before onboarding your home to a variety of the top rental marketing platforms in order to hit the ground running.

  1.                   Linens

Alpine Edge furnishes each of our properties with a premium linen package for general bedding throughout the home.

Here’s the exciting part – Alpine Edge is ready to cover both of these fees for any owner ready to hire us as your rental managers by July 1, 2022, culminating in a value of over $1,000* (*Value varies based on number of bedrooms)

Fill out the form below to receive free access to our Rentalizer tool which generates a projected annual income that your property should be earning with the right management at the helm based on real data from hyperlocal competitors in your own neighborhood.