Did you know that over half of vacation rental owners are able to cover up to 75% of their mortgage?

In efforts to encourage owners to procure a BOLT license to rent their Breckenridge property while they still can, Alpine Edge is offering the following one-time package deal for FREE –

  1. Free BOLT License – we’ll handle the paperwork &  fees associated with acquiring your initial BOLT license
  2. One full year’s worth of our linen & towel program – regardless of the number of bedrooms you have
  3. Marketing package – photography, advertising & web platforms, inventory and set-up fees

Still on the fence? Not a problem – we’ll help you secure your BOLT license at no cost even if you’re uncertain that you even want to rent your home! No catch, no risk, no-brainer.

All signs indicate that this ordinance will be pushed through as soon as feasibly possible. Any owners without a registered rental license by the time the cap is in place will lose the opportunity to ever procure one for the foreseeable future.

You still have time to protect your investment!

Act now by reaching out to (970) 453-2334, extension 2
or CLICK HERE to request a free personalized rental income projection for your property.

Don’t throw away this risk-free opportunity while you still have the chance!