7 Reasons to Spend All Your Winter Family Vacations in Breckenridge, CO

12/28/2020 | by alpineedge | Vacation Rentals
Between skiing and the ice castles, it’s clear to see that Breckenridge is the place for fun winter family vacations. Here’s a list of everything you can do.

Winter is more than skiing in Breckenridge

Choosing a place for your family trips is never easy, especially with people wanting to go to different places all over the world. Have you ever considered spending your winter family vacations in Breckenridge, CO?

If not, then you should! With the skiing and ice castles, you will feel like you’re in a winter wonderland every time you step out of your cabin, resort, or hotel.

Yet, there is so much more to do besides skiing in Breckenridge.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on seven reasons you need to spend all your winter family vacation in Breckenridge, CO.

1. Visit the Ice Castles

If you’re planning your Colorado winter vacation, then stopping at the ice castles in Breckenridge is something you have to do. You might feel as if you’ve stepped right into Disney’s movie Froze during your visit.

The ice castles are man-made and take thousands of hours to produce.

You can visit the ice castles during the day and night time for a magnificent visit. Yet, when you visit during the night, you will see a beautiful light show. LED lights illuminate your path and create the most magical views.

Make sure that you buy your tickets online before arriving. Doing this will ensure that you can see the magical and memorable castles during your visit.

2. Take a Class at Ski School

Are you nervous about taking a winter family vacation to Breckenridge because you aren’t the best skier or haven’t skied at all? You don’t have to worry!

There is a ski school class offered for children as young as three years old. You can even find some for adults.

Children will love going to ski school to learn how to ski down more prominent slopes so that they can impress their friends and you. Plus, there are different options to fit your budget and your child’s needs for their classes.

Whether they want to take one on one classes, group classes, or small group classes, then they can. You can even find a ski class for the whole family!

3. Hit the Kids Adventure Zones

Another reason to make Breckenridge one of your winter vacation spots is that your children are going to love the Kids Adventure Zones. There are tons of different spots that your children can explore throughout Breckenridge that they’re going to love.

These zones are different ski slopes that your children can ski down. Each of them has different themes, which makes them even more fun.

For example, one of the zones you can ski down is called the Haunted Forest. It is a beginner ski and snowboard zone. You’ll see a haunted graveyard, giant spiders, and even dragons.

4. Watch Santa Race

Breckenridge is the best place for winter vacations, especially around Christmas because you can watch Santa race down Main Street. We don’t mean only one Santa, but rather hundreds of Santas participate in the Race of the Santas.

Many people are in the race for fun. They dress up as Santa and either run, walk or jog down Main Steet.

Yet, most of the Santas want Ullr helmets or other big prize packs for the people who finish at the top. Everyone is encouraged to come in costume, and most people do. It is a day and sight that you won’t forget.

5. Have BreckFast

One of the best things about traveling to Breckenridge is that there are tons of delicious places to eat. If you’re looking for a great breakfast place, then BreckFast is the place to go. Cleverly named after the town, you will also find some fantastic food.

Some of the best dishes are their giant breakfast burrito, also known as the Main Street, or their chicken and waffles, which they call the Golden Nugget. The best part is that most of their ingredients are sourced from local places, so you know that you’re eating fresh and tasty food.

6. Look Through the Shops

Another great thing about Breckenridge is all the unique shops. While some kids might not find this the most enjoyable aspect of the town, mom sure will!

Downtown Breckenridge has looks of stores that you will want to explore. Whether it is an antique shop, local bookstore, or even a gift shop, you can find it in Breckenridge.

Something the kids will like to look through is the toy store. Peek a Boo Toys is a favorite for many kids as they have lots of interesting toys. Yet, the best part is the big indoor play area that many kids take advantage of on extra cold or snowy days.

You can also find delicious bakeries so that you can buy some yummy treats to take home with you.

7. Go on a Gold Mine Tour

Breckenridge is filled with astonishing and fun things to do, and something else you should consider is the Gold Mine Tour.

You might be wondering what a Gold Mine Tour entails? Well, you’ll be joining forces with a local expert that can teach you all about the history of Breckenridge.

You’ll learn about how Breckenridge was once a mining camp, Victorian town, hippie haven, and has turned into the tourist destination it is today.

Something else that might interest you is taking a hike to learn the story of hydraulic mining. You’ll see exactly how gold was extracted from hills by using high powered water hoses.

Winter Family Vacations in Breckenridge

Clearly, skiing is one of the number one reasons to take your winter family vacations in Breckenridge, CO. Yet, you can find that there is so much to do in the mountain town at the bottom of the slopes.

Breckenridge is an awesome vacation spot for the entire family. You can find someone to do for everyone.

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